After loading a Penske truck (that’s right not a Uhaul, that’s too main stream) in 100 degree weather, traveling 20+ hours on the road with a night stay in a Red Roof Inn,  changing a flat tire on a foggy mountain top in Pennsylvania,we made it to New Hampshire!

New Hampshire




Stress levels were high and there was plenty of family time to go around. But we unloaded the truck in 70 degree weather and all was well. After a few days of unpacking and debating on where to put things it was finally starting to feel real. What also felt real was the Chinese food that stayed with Annalee and I for 2 days. But that’s why they make ginger tea. 

But let’s talk about music! I’ve been trying to do the whole music artist thing for over a year now with some failures and successes. Last summer I wrote two new songs and an instrumental. This year I am working on 1 new song and 1 instrumental which is the perfect amount of music for an EP! I bought a Apollo Twin Duo (which is a recording interface) but it didn’t come with a Thunderbolt cable….so I wait…. I should be able to start recording next week! 🙂 I believe I’m actually going to find a record label this time and get my music mastered so that should be fun. I also got a new pedal which I’m really excited about….I think I’ll be doing a Tpain cover soon…really excited about that.

Thanks for tuning in! I hope to post on my blog 1-2 times a month for some updates. 🙂