This Past Year

Hello everyone!

So I have been in Davidson NC for a year after graduating from UNC Asheville and I have learned a lot! I’ve loved being able to teach guitar lessons to people of all ages. I had a student as young as 7 and someone in their 60’s! I’ve played awkward gigs and great gigs. I’ve worked at a coffee shop to make ends meet and have really experienced what a first year out of college can look like for a young musician.

Now there is a new chapter of my life about to unfold. My wife and I are moving to… NEW HAMPSHIRE?! She got a great job at Dartmouth College and we are moving June 15th. I can’t wait to experience what New England (and maybe Canada?) has to offer. This past year I have had to accept every little thing to make money that I could. But now I have the chance to really grow as a musician and person by accepting things that I think will really benefit others and myself.

I have been selling a lot of music equipment and I have a strategic plan on buying different/better things to advance my music goals! First step is installing some new pickups and getting some better pedals. I’m also going to be buying a better camera and shooting more videos. Also new recording equipment is on my radar to record a new EP

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